Her Period

Her Period


Her To-Do List

Her to-do list, designed by them,
Aspirations overwhelm!


A good lady, an enforced mission,
Her ambition, merely a petition!


Unhearing her song, lyrics they bury,
Social norms write her sacrificial story!


Path lost with the societal direction,
Where is her friction? What is her self-reflection?

– Heet Pandya Vyas


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Her Rebel

A place where there is no place for outlier,

Boundary which punishes her to desire.

What ought to be, decides her,

Such is the society that wants to confide her!

A rebel, non-compliant, she challenges those voices,

Explores, struggles, she makes her own choices.

They use their weapons to engulf her revolt,

Rules, shame, guilt & finally a bolt!

She walks with grace on the roads of Why’s and Why Not’s,

Towards dreams, aspirations, untying the binding knots!

Finding out that she has within herself all what she needs,

Beyond those cages, now she finally breathes!