Frenzy Of A Fresher !!!

It was only yesterday that She finished her college and look, She now sails the same boat that, once in their life time, everyone does! She calls this boat the ‘Fresher Boat (FB)’.

Being a fresher, as ‘Fresh’ as it sounds, can be full of difficulties: no work experience, no idea about the industry, long wait for the interview, the heartfelt impression making and the additional ‘Multitasking’ which involves series of steps of calming oneself down of the previous rejection to preparing for the next one with a ‘fresh’ determination to ‘nail it’ this time. If this was not enough, She has an added burden of increasing competition and decreasing ‘Zeros ’present on the pay packages.

Uff! Job search is so difficult!

Conversely, it is the difficult things that teach us the most cherished lessons in life. She has learned the importance of trusting self and her capabilities. She can write elongated essays based on bookish knowledge of self-esteem and self- confidence, yet, now she will learn to implement that bookish knowledge in real life. Such phase is a genuine test of this gen!

In such a major phase of life, She trusts God to take care of all my needs and She knows that all that She needs will come to me in the right place, time, and through right people. So, if She is waiting for the ‘perfect job’, the ‘perfect job’ is also waiting for her. All They have to do is, search each other. It is a process and I am sure They will be together soon.

All the very best for your search! I wish you find your ‘soul-job’ soon 😀


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