Call Me Home

Silence, O Sweet, you were never understood,
Darkness, so deep, you were never so rude,
Chirps of birds fall deaf to my ears,
This unending greens choke my tears,
Beautiful? Is it? This sun ray?
‘Beauty lies in the eye of beholder’, don’t they say?
Beauty of villages they praise,
Yet, eyes yearns for my blossoming city days,
This village is good for small rides,
My city is where my heart resides,
Call me home O crowded trains,
Call me home O noisy lanes,
Too used to your furnished flavor,
Too sour is the void savor,
Addicted to your caressing craziness,
Habitual to your engulfing easiness,
Dreamy eyes filled with your gleaming memory,
Where I am the Cinderella and You, my magical fairy,
My city call me home,
In your womb lies my Rome!


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