Is Equlity A Dream Or Reality

Dreams…what are they? A motivating illumination in the boring darkness of plain life? Visions seen with open eyes? Dreams add flavour to life. I sprout the seed of dreams today and thus tomorrow it will bloom to be a bright sunflower of reality. We see that dream, thus, forms the rudiment of reality.

People think about Uthopia and say its impossible. People think about a perfect equal society and believe it is unreachable. I believe this as well. I think perfection of any sort in any aspect is something unattainable. This is because it is not in the human nature to be ‘perfect’. If anything is perfect that it is God… but, at the same time, how true is such a fact? Who knows? For me, Equality is just another desirable dream.

At the same time, I understand and believe firlmly that it is in the best that equality is a dream. It is the friction between the different races, the genders, the castes and many more elements that keeps the society in motion.

In such a way, society is in an constant effort to bring this dream of ‘Perfection’ amogst the various castes, races, gender and much more to reality.

“ In Reality, Equality may be doom in bloom,

However I continue mystified with the dreams of bloom in doom.”


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