Walking through the main street,

Searching for his appetite,

Something attracted his sight,

What a Mystery of Dark Night!!

She stood there bright,

Her skin pearl as white,

Despite the darkness, shining like the moon-light,

Was this the Mystery of Dark Night??

Something urged his insight,

The desire to hold her tight,

But that night her heart couldn’t hold back its fright,

There was some Mystery in the Dark Night!!

Standing there she looked so delicate, so fragile,

His heart, then, took a plight,

She gazed at him, smiled a slight,

Good or Bad? How was the Mystery of Dark Night??

Suddenly she ascended, rose like a kite,

She held him so close, she held him so tight,

She looked so divine even when she resembled dynamite,

What was he doing with the Mystery of Dark Night??

And he saw his blood,

His flesh in her every bite,

He tried all his might, but against her couldn’t unite,

Was it Her – the Mystery of Dark Night??

“The song of Gratification of thirsty souls I recite,

Your sins have trespassed their height,

You, the Rapist, shall meet thou dusk tonight.”

Said the Night-Angel, the Mystery of Dark Night!!

“Your doom you invite,

The pain, the hurt, the death I give you serves you right,

I come as a curse, the bane of my sisters you raped,

I am their uproar, their fight,

You contemplated to commit your evils on me, but I am no Twilight,

I am the Feline alight, the Feminine elite,

I am the Mystery of Dark Night!!



  1. I wish to meet this mystery if the dark night….. Thats the attitude I want in you, my sissy…. Love you for this… Keep this up….I wanna share it wherever I can…

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