Image Management – Enrich Hair & Skin Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Interview with the Director of Enrich Hair & Skin Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“First salon in the whole country with an actual Corporate Management  Unlike other salon where employees had a laid back attitude, at Enrich we care.”

How was Enrich seen in the beginning?

 Enrich was the first salon in the whole country with a proper corporate management. Due to its high quality and trained staff, it was welcomed with open arms. Unlike other salon where employees had a laid back attitude, at Enrich we cared.

How is it perceived today?

Oh! It’s amazing to see that customers love Enrich (giggling). Today, customers come to Enrich as if it’s a holiday destination, do get their hair-cut and socialize and we have grown to be the largest and best name in the hair industry today.

According to you, how important is the company’s image among its customers and employees?

Extremely important! A consistent and effective image will provide an equity to company and can provide as its foundation.

How does Enrich maintain its image amongst the customers?

Enrich is obsessed with hygiene—from the disposable aprons to towels and kits—one can also expect the highest quality shampoos, conditioners, and creams which can also be provided to customers to home delivery. We also have an Enrich loyalty program for customers.

What is Enrich loyalty program?

We offer a genuine 20% discount to our clients on the original rate. This does not happen anywhere else. Lakme offers various schemes which are more like playing with the minds of customers and cannot be termed as ‘loyal’.

We already have more than 1 lakh customers signed up for ELP.

How does it manage its image amongst employees?

Enrich invests a lot in the employees and has a team of four HRs. Most of employees are under 30 and hence not mature enough. Training along with their personal grooming is given.

In fact, the best performing team will be heading to Paris for a contest held by HCF.

Have you had any crisis? How have you dealt with it?

We usually pamper the clients with free services or services under best trained during crisis. Our motto is to keep customer happy.

What technique you go for?

We invest in hoarding and for ads in BT.  We also bring out a summer-winter collection every year which bring more variety.

What aspect of your image needs improvement?

More of Branding!

– Interviewed By Heet Pandya


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