What is Corporate Image Management?

Understanding how an organization is created and delivers its images to its audiences is important. But understanding how that targeted audience receives and process those intended messages is obviously of great importance.

The corporate image is what comes to mind when a person hears the name of an organization. It consists of the manner in which the company is perceived. When the corporate image is positively influenced, the company benefits from such warmth. For instance, the Tata’s reputation as a trustworthy corporate has helped in its expansion and growth. In other cases, the corporates have to take actions to mend their negative connotations, such as; Cadbury initiated various campaigns after its low quality controversy.

Through a random internet search I came across a topic – Corporate Image Management and was thrilled by this existing strong correlation between peoples’ perception and their attitude towards a company.


My results on the studies that I shall eventually throw light on, show that:-

v  Corporate image can have a direct impact on the level of success the organization achieves through its other marketing and management efforts.

v  A coherent corporate image needs to be integrated into the organization at all levels.


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