Letter to the Soul Mate

Dear Soul Mate,


This letter is no ordinary one, but it is a connecting bridge between two hearts that have never met!  And such a fact makes this letter more special then it may seem.

It is your dreams that enlighten the most beautiful word ‘Love’. The faith in the fate for us to meet is what keeps the sun to rise and then set for me. My heart is filled with the hopes to meet you and this leaves behind an empty space…a vacuum that I try to fill with the thoughts of how you would be, how bells would start ringing once we have met and, most importantly, how happy, rather, how blissful we would be together!

But is it really possible? Does something like perfect relationship exist? Do ‘You’….Do Soul Mates exist? If Yes, then why do I not see them? However, it doesn’t matter! In my heart I know that it is really possible. I believe that you do exist…somewhere….waiting for me just as I am for you!

So I am all set, looking forward for you to ride on that horse (the black one from the movie black beauty ;p) and take me away to our dreamland…where the rest of the story would end on the note ~~

“And they lived happily ever after”

Don’t you want the same? Do you not want your Soul Mate? So what’s this long wait for? I indeed want to meet you and recognize you! I am very sure my wishes will be fulfilled!

Till then ‘Miss You’.


A Soul waiting for its Mate

PS: We may be two different Souls from different countries… or for that matter… even different universe, but there is some force, some mysticism that is in the process of attracting us closer by each passing day!

Hope that special day comes ASAP!


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