(Won The 1st Position @ K. C. Intercollegiate Competition)

Momma you gave me birth today,
I am so gleeful – let’s go and play.
Momma I am so hungry, I feel so weak,
I want to be your strong calf, yet, I feel so meek.

Momma, I shall drink your milk
And shall grow O so pink,
But wait, O wait, why do ‘They’ take the delight?
It’s ‘mine’, Momma tell them the milk is my birth right.

Momma, who are those two men?
They look so mean.
They are putting their dirty hands on me,
With scorching gaze so keen.

Oh, they are pulling me away,
Away from you, away from hay,
I don’t like it Momma,
Is there nothing you can say?

Momma how I try to fight them,
Yet cannot escape their realm.
I am hungry and it hurts awful,
Momma they are strong, so is their pull.

Momma they tie me upside down,
I struggle; they laugh: as if I some clown.
I see the big knife coming my way,
It slits my throat – momma – I pray and I pray.

Still aware of the cuts,
The pain- that torture– Momma how it hurts!
Momma, I cry, I shout, I wail.
Blood leaking out– I turn so pale.

Eyes wild, I make noises, I kick,
A knife in between my legs O they stick,
Ouch…Momma they cut my nerves,
I can’t move now, I can’t kick.

They come near, they check,
The leg, the stomach, the neck,
Piece by piece, they cut my vein,
I die now; I can no more feel the pain.

Momma someone eats me now,
Yet, I am on the cloud, high above.
Momma, there are many like me here,
The drop coming from your eyes, Momma, is it a tear?


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