Let Me Sleep Five Mins More..!!!

Muscles have freak out,
Smile has twirled a pout,
Stopped has the brain so stout,
When tired body hails a shout.

Some more rest please,
O this soft bed and the cuddly breeze,
With someone besides to squeeze,
Sleep deep sleep, please don’t cease.

Dreams so on,
Drama, Comedy, Action or Blue’Orn,
Non REM sleep stage just begins to yawn,
And, lo, there screeches an ugly Horn!

“Beep .. Beep” it starts buzzing,
“Weep .. Weep” my heart starts fussing,
“You shall be late wake up”, says Alarm accusing,
“Let me sleep you *@_/ “, and begins my cursing.

Let me sleep a little more
Yet my eyes wake up sore,
Inside the tired body, wailing heart’s desperate roar,
Let me sleep five mins more..!!!


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