Using Facebook for Background Check-ups? Bad Option!

It was my first job interview. To my sheer surprise, the first round went indeed well and I was shortlisted for the second and the final round. From where I was waiting, I noticed the HR Team members gathered around the Computer and checking something that resembled a FB account?

The next round began. The panellist team consisted of 5 HR members. Unexpectedly, one of them asked me about the number of friends I have on FB. “So, they have checked my FB account”, I thought to myself! A few more question continued, which I did handle well, yet, I could not hold back a sense of defiance within me for having a stranger go through my entire FB Account and moreover, who also judges my abilities to perform the job on the basis of some preposterous Social Media site.

With the advent of technology, where the world is going virtual, the question arises on the validity and reliability issues of using Social Media Sites as an evaluation tools for employment.

“Social media background checks are a hot item,” says attorney Kevin McCormick, “but I’m not a fan.” Furthermore, social spying has also been termed as “Sneaky,” “Low,” and “Invasion,” says McCormick.

While FB may provide a glimpse of a potential candidate’s lifestyle, it definitely cannot provide strong reasons for rejecting those candidates.   If you don’t judge a book by its cover, should you judge a candidate through his social media amour?


This blog is part of IT assignment given by Prof. Arun Kumar V Waghchoure, as mention on website

 My Name:[Heet Pandya], Roll No.:[SA/A12/DHR/0076], Batch:[August 2012]


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