Microsoft Excel: My Best Friend !!!



Having come from Psychology background, I had a ZERO knowledge on anything that lacked emotions and feelings! There was a time when dry words like “Microsoft” and “Excel” scared me. Those colourless tabs, that vast unending sheet and functions that I could never comprehend.


Today, however, in the course of my job in Human Resource field, I am surprised (actually shocked) to see how Excel and I have become my best of friends. Today, my day commences with a “Book1” Excel Sheet and ends with various shortcuts and formulas. I require Microsoft Excel right from making the Organisation Chart to maintaining Employee Records to using Excel for Balance Scorecard, an appraisal method.
Recruiters can track information about incoming resumes, applicant sources, numbers of candidates interviewed, and finally, reasons for declining candidates. Generalists can measure, analyse, and report on statistical information like Employee demographics, Attendance Process, Leaves used and much more. I have learnt to develop, manage, and track all of my H R related activities quickly and efficiently by using Excel.


Just today at work, I was asked to prepare a data on the total number of Working Hours for the whole Financial Year for 92 employees. At first, I was perplexed on how to go about this data. What I had in hand was the information each day’s total working hours of those 92 employees. Under normal (Non-Excel) circumstances, I would have required to manually add the Hours, then the Minutes, then covert the Hours to Minutes, obtaining the Working Hour detail for the each month for 1 employee. Repeating this extensive process for 12 months for 100 employees would take me least 3 working days. However, with Excel’s “[h]:mm:ss” format, I was able to sum up all the Working Hours for 12 months within exact 6 minutes per employee. What would have taken eternities for me to prepare, Excel prepared it for me in No Time!

What Happened Then:
I was happy to leave office on time, without having to do overtime on the Data. Plus, Boss appreciated my quick and accurate response which made Excel all-the-more dearer to me.


 Microsoft Excel has become a must in various HR functions like recruitment, training & development, performance management, compensation & benefits management, payroll management.

 Not only Excel aids to do your day work more comfortable and easy, but also it makes the end result accurate and saves time!


This blog is part of IT assignment given by Prof. Arun Kumar V Waghchoure, as mention on website

 My Name:[Heet Pandya], Roll No.:[SA/A12/DHR/0076], Batch:[August 2012]


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