The Unheard Draupadi!


Indian society has essentially been patriarchal in nature. Even those great Indian Epics like Mahabharata and Ramayan restrict themselves to the male perspective. Voice of  the counter-part was never heard!

In Mahabharata, the Pandav brothers decided first to share Draupadi as their wife. Therefore, to avoid any clashes between the five brothers they concluded  that each one of them would be husband to Draupadi for a year exclusively, in turns. If one brother entered her quarters in the time she was  ‘supposed’ to be with another, the brother would go into voluntarily exile for the transgression for twelve years. Thus, the conjugal rules were set. The brothers thought this was fair.

However, was it?

No one of course bothered to consult Draupadi, if she agreed with this sequential agreement to not merely share her body, but her love with all five? Arjun was her beloved, but Bhima was the most enthusiastic husband and Nakul was the most handsome. When it comes to sharing love, did she have to be fair? Love is boundless .. it breaks the rules of society.  In this case was is possible for her to share herself, her emotions with all five of them..that too ‘equally’? Did anyone care to bother if she wanted to do so? What if she wanted to stay with one for a long time but less with the other? It is easy for the patriarchal society to assume the women breaks houses but little does it recognize that such male chauvinism has, for years,  broken a women’s body, her mind and her soul? What happened with Draupadi, was it not an exploitation- a sexual, physical and mental one?

This happens to society when the female voice goes unheard! 


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