A Difficult Childhood ~ A deep insight by Dr. Rajiv Naidu

How many times have we said to ourselves and others that we underwent a difficult childhood. Being socially inclined, it is only when such deep feelings are shared,  do people form tighter bounds. It helps to explain why people do what they do!

Yet, the question remains what are we doing about the difficult childhood? Are we taking responsibility for it? Have we accepted that black spot, and,  most importantly, are we ready to look beyond it?

With the intention to know more about getting rid of this early baggage, I enrolled for Hypnotherapy course by CHII. On one such course day, my mentor Dr. Rajiv Naidu happened to share a very important theory on life. And trust me, my understanding about life changed that very moment! So only people who really think they need to know one such solution to this grass-root problem should read beyond…

Dr. Rajiv Naidu told me, “Our Soul goes through many, many lifetimes. Each lifetime has its own lesson to learn. Our Soul designs every lifetime. It decides our family, friends, lover, and place where we are born, and all this is according to the lessons that one has to learn in life. That helps us understand why we have the parents or lovers that we have.”

“It is complicated for someone like me to understand. I don’t get a word of what you are talking.”, I looked at him with blank expression.

Rajiv Sir patiently replied, “I can see that! (Laughs). Let’s take this example-  Suppose your lesson to be learned in this lifetime is – The Value Of Money-  then, your soul will automatically choose parents who are not wealthy or your soul will choose parents who are very wealthy but loose all their money. This is because only when you do not have money will you realize the value of money.”

“So the Soul decides my family, or the experiences in my life  on the basis of the lesson that I have to learn.  But, how do I come to know the lesson to be learned?” I asked.

” You close your eyes, take deep breaths; remember the critical incidences of your life; and you look at what was the thing that you always wanted but you could never have. That, my dear, is what you are here to learn!”

I closed my eyes, took few deep breaths.  And reflected at my life. Suddenly, it all made a perfect sense! I was to learn  Inner-Peace in this lifetime. That explained the turmoil I faced. Only when I know turmoil, will I encourage myself to take steps towards Peace. And this explained my childhood, my present, and somewhere, my future as well. Life, now, became an enlightening journey towards finding Peace where turbulence was by- default a part of it. I stopped blaming people in my life because it was not them.. it was me! It is I who has to learn the lessons of Peace. People and situations around me are simply teaching me.

“But what if this is just a theory. What if there are no lifetimes. Or what if Inner- Peace is not what I have to learn and there is something beyond? ” , I asked.

“What is truth? Who knows? if given a choice, would you believe in this theory and live life having faith in yourself. Or would you reject it and continue being a part of the ugly black loop of difficult childhood?  The choice is all yours!

It was then, that I chose to take responsibility of my life, leaving the blame game at the bay. So, this is MY life and I have chosen the situations that are happening to me. I have learned (and i am learning) to choose to accept  difficult situation in my life. Most importantly, I choose to be grateful, to people in my life because they are simply helping me learn what I am ought to learn in this lifetime! 

About Dr. Rajiv Naidu:
An exceptional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Rajiv Naidu is an established Trainer at California Hypnotherapy Institute of India (Basic & Advanced Level). He has developed a unique Therapy called Core Somatic Integration which is influenced from Taichi and his enriching experience as a counselor. A truly amazing person who not only continues to heal me, but also guides me in my journey of achieving wholeness.
You can connect to him on LinkedIn –

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