The Inner Turmoil






Such a delightful place this world seemed, with you by my side,

I could escape all hitches, behind you I could hide.

There is nowhere to go now, where to ride?

Now, in whom do I confide?


Walking in the middle of the road, so carefree,

Knowing that you would be there to take care of me.

Nobody now to say, “I love you, don’t worry!”

Remembrances of togetherness, where do I bury?


This day would come, we both knew,

Why then, is it hard-hitting to take the separate rue?

You are such a charm; there will be so many in the cue,

In another man, will I always find you?


Deeply feeling that you deserve someone much better than me,

Someone who can fill you with grace, and less weary.

In my heart, I will always know that no one can replace you,

Tell me love, will this be true for you too?


You treated me like a child, and loved me like woman too,

Tears roll out, when the memories of your laughter renew.

We will gather strength and become strong, 

Dude! Don’t I appear over-senti in this break up song?




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