It’s All Okay!

“Contribute to the conversation”,
Wandering silence to deserts of isolation,
Maintaining the listening illusion,
Reality an inexplicable hallucination!


Outside looking in,
Smiles, good clothes, enthusiasm of a sin,
A closer look within,
Devoid, vacuum, nothingness from a lin!


Morning, once again, wakes up in despair,
Grief hidden under gloss, mascara, and the flawless hair,
Fake mask unable to hide the repressed mirror’s stare,
Over the scattered pieces, “Its all Okay” I wear!


Trying to laugh it off, efforts a pity,
Being strong, enacting is the sole key,
Smile and say “Its all Okay”, trying to be carefree,
Reality reflected in my poems, only time when I am The Real Me!



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