Corporate Grooming and Protocol by Rajesh Bagwe, VP HR, MCX


Mr. Rajesh Bagwe, VP-HR MCX at MILS

An organisation is only as credible as its people. First impressions are the basis of building that credibility. Human Resource Department is the key department in an organization to set and uphold not only the organizational values but also the etiquettes and protocol.


To guide the students of LNML Maharashtra Instiute of Labour Studies on this vital subject matter, Mr. Rajesh Bagwe, VP-HR MCX conducted a seminar on Corporate Grooming and Protocol. In the view of Rajesh Sir, office etiquette has become an intrinsic element to team and coworker success. One needs to possess business savviness and the ability to establish oneself in a credible manner. A faux pas at the wrong time can damage the career. MEntioned below are a few suggestions from Rajesh Sir to enhance and polish one’s business image:

1. Corporate dressing plays a crucial role in enhancing one’s personality. An individual with a pleasing personality is respected and appreciated by all. Avoid wearing loud colours to work. Casuals, chunky jewellery, stacks of bangles, multiple chains /bracelets are strict no no at workplaces.

2. Get to the workplace and all scheduled meetings before time. Arriving 15 mins before time, helps one to recollect his/her thoughts and be prepared for important meetings with a calm mind or to start the day productively.

3. Mind you mannerism. Forgetting your “please” and “thank you” responses can do more damage than you might imagine. On the other hand, using the basic mannerisms can stronger and positive impression.

4. Do not participate in Gossip. This creates a very bad image and can be a career killer.

5. Do not allow overtime to become a habit. It is not advisable to compromise on the family time for work. Ofcourse, in the times of emergency, where one has to focus on the completion of the project, then one has to work overtime. However, do not make this practise as your habit for everyday. It has nagative impact on one’s individual and social self.




Workplace etiquette is an important factor for success. Rajesh Sir strongly recommended Emily Post’s blog (Check out – to keep updated with the subject.



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