In conversation with Mr. Lawrence Castellino, Sr. HR Business Partner – The World Bank!


Students of MILS wit Mr. Lawrence Castellino
Students of Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies with Mr. Lawrence Castellino, Sr. HR Business Partner – The World Bank

Imagine, how working for the World’s top development Institution would be!

Imagine, if you could meet someone who is working for the World Bank representing MILS!

Imagine, if a magnificent conversation with him could lead to inspirational ideas, which would lead to glorious memories. It could boost self – efficacies, it could change lives!

This is what happened to us, the students of Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies (MILS), when we met Mr. Lawrence Castellino, Sr. HR Business Partner, The World Bank during his recent visit to Mumbai.


Recorded below are the key learning’s from the landmark conversation we had with Mr. Castellino. We write the blog so that all students can take maximum benefit from it:


The World Bank Chapter

After completing MSc in Zoology, when Mr. Lawrence Castellino joined MILS, little did he know that he would become one of the indispensable team member at TCS. He then, pursued his MA in Strategic HRM from George Washington University, USA while working for BDM Federal one of US largest defense contractors.


Soon, he got an opportunity to work with HCI Technologies to set up their HR function while studying for his MS in Management Information Systems from the George Washington University, USA. Next, awaited the World Bank. Amidst the tough competition to get a foothold in what is deemed as the World’s top employer, his persistence and belief in himself prevailed. Based in the Bank’s headquarters in Washington, DC, his current responsibilities include providing HR advice and expertise to the Bank’s Water Global Practice with staff located across the globe. He is also a certified Life and Executive coach.

The Evolved Leader

As Mr. Castellino spoke to us about his journey, he reinforced the belief that leaders not born, not made, but ‘evolve’ over time. It doesn’t matter where one stands, what matters is what one dreams and how much efforts he/she is willing to make to fulfill those dreams! We saw the following exceptional qualities in this ‘Evolved Leader’.


A. Thirst for Knowledge
We saw the unquenched thirst to learn new things and to keep himself updated with the changing times. This was one quality that took him from MILS to USA to WB.


B. Vision
It is important for all of us to visualize, dream, and think beyond. While doing so, it is important to take stock of the available options, set goals and take those baby steps. A continuous process, this can never stop irrespective of one’s position and achievements.


C. Ability to Predict Future
“It surprises me”, says Mr. Castellino, “when people tell me that their company is going to lay them off. I simply ask them what were they doing all this while?” “Stay on top” is the business mantra. Predicting the business future and taking actions is a unique skill – a must for all HR Professionals. While being completely dedicated to the job on hand, keeping abreast of industry trends is a must. Know the transformations happening outside your line of sight, be prepared for the unpredictable. And while you are in sync with your current responsibilities adorn the “game changer’ hat. Your recognition comes from “being different” and the uniqueness you bring to the table.



The Changing World Bank & Ideal Internal Justice System

The World Bank is adapting itself to the changing world. Currently a huge exercise is underway in revamping it’s structure which may necessitate retraining existing skills or adding new ones. Traditionally World Bank is a staff focused institution with its own staff polices and rules and without any intervention from local governments where it operates. Managing such a change within the purview of the Bank’s Internal Justice System is a task in itself. How then, is it sustain the evils of restructuring?

The Bank believes in empowering and enabling it’s staff while providing fair opportunities to grow and represent itself in disputable situations. Performance is rewarded through a highly robust Performance Management system. Growth and career progression is performance based. Leadership ensures staff gets the best possible exposure during their tenure. Exits are carefully managed through ample notice and resettlement given the global nature of staff’s profile.



Essential Qualities for an HR Professional Today

So what are the essential competencies that HR needs to possess today?

A. Change Management

After ERPs and SAPs, the latest addition to HR’s book of competencies is managing change. This is true especially in the Indian market. On one hand, we have organizations that are going through an expansion phase, while on the other, we have the already established organizations going through a reformation phase. Change management skills have become indispensable.


B. Be Innovative
Major role for HR is to bring innovation to the current systems and processes. It has become increasingly essential to know what is happening in the outside HR world, and upgrade the systems accordingly. Innovation aids HR to add value to it’s business.


C. Being Centered
The questions to ask ourselves:- Are we centered in our lives? Are we aware of our actions? And their reactions? Managing one’s emotions is a fundamental requirement. How do we manage those emotions? Do we have the tools to go within? To be self – aware?


D. The T Evaluation
Mr. Castellino emphasizes upon the T Evaluation model. In such a T model, the vertical line represents the dept of knowledge one has on a particular subject. The horizontal line represents the wide spectrum of knowledge one has on various themes. This horizontal line shows how innovative the person is, and the vertical line shows his/her critical thinking skills.
One has to grow on both these scales.

T Evalution
T Evaluation


To Conclude!

Victor Hugo once said, “There is nothing like a dream to create the future”. Mr. Lawrence Castellino is the living exemplar. We are grateful to him for showing us that life is a field of endless possibilities. All we have to do is, ‘Dream, And chase them!’




(From Left – Right) Ms. Shraddha Subramanian, Ms. Heet Pandya, Mr. Lawrence Castellino, Mr. Yogesh Dhotre, Mr. Pushkar Arekar, Mr. Harshad Kuthe!



About LNML Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies

LNML Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies is an independent department under Maharashtra Labour Ministry. It is one of its kinds in the field of labour studies. It has a glorious past of 64 years and has emerged as a stronger body which has contributed to the economy and industry in many ways.


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4 thoughts on “In conversation with Mr. Lawrence Castellino, Sr. HR Business Partner – The World Bank!

  1. Proud of Lawrence. He is really a good example of How to achieve GOAL. T evaluation model is very great.. First time i’ve seen MLS part 2 students are doing well & very enthusiastic.

  2. Hi Lawrence, Really glad to know you working with world bank. Remembered a day when I had met you in your TCS office in Air India building and had referred a friend of my mine from Godrej whom you had selected on the spot. Great memories. Lets be in touch.

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