More Than A Spark in the Relationship


Eyes shed tears every time they look within, Yet the shattered heart refuses to cry the hidden malign. The promise of forever is a plain white lie, Forever means Convenience all changes when the “spark” bids goodbye.

A spark in the relationship is what is called love, Left alone, abandoned is the heart, when love fails to serve. A fool I was to take love as more than “a spark in the relationship”. A fool to think Love is an eternal bond, an unsaid promise to keep.

Standing right besides you in all your battles, I promised never to leave your hand, You left me when my life was low, this wound will never mend. Do I deserve someone like you, asks my deepsunk heart. And there is a big laughter, I am glad that we fell apart.

My love survived, yours did not because you never loved me, I rather be alone than be with someone for whom loving me “doesn’t come naturally” Grateful to life for untying the knots, the threads of which were never strong, True love survives and stays together, even when things go wrong!


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