Mountains Have Shifted


They said that love would come to me someday,

They said that mountains would shift their way.

Although these few days have taken me by surprise,

Soul tells me that life from now will only arise.


Ties are made in heaven, higher above,

With you as my present, I am showered with the biggest blessing of love.

Mr. Talented & Intelligent, I can even be lam’er’ with you,

With you by my side, life is too good to be true.


It isn’t about finding the perfect person, but accepting the imperfections perfectly,

Yet, I can only say that you are too perfect for me.

Fragile and scared, I have put all my trust in you,

Always be with me, even when I irritate you.


Trusting the higher power, I knew I will meet someone someday,

Who shall love my parents more and be their hope’s new ray.

This 14th Feb, life will anew,

Someone will reside eternally in my hearts venue!  


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