Vineet Nayar @ TISS OD Conference

After twenty eight years with HCL Technologies, Vineet Nayar stepped down as CEO in order to pursuit his philanthropy venture ‘Sampark Foundation’.


Vineet Nayar

At the TISS OD & Change Conference, Transcendence 2017, Vineet Nayar shared some valuable thought nuggets.

An organization is formed when collective set of people come together for a purpose. Business is not sustainable when that purpose is solely profit. The key is in accepting that profit is not all-encompassing, and that we need to balance profit with a higher purpose. Only then, the business undergoes a transformation.

Gandhi’s Leadership

In the initial British Raj era, not all people were unhappy. However, with changing times and with stringent dogma, people became distressed. When Mahatma Gandhi returned back to India, Indians immediately accepted him as an inspirational leader and followed his inspirational ideology of non-violence. Here, Nayar propels us to question, why it did it take three decades for India to find a leader? This is because, Gandhi through his inspirational leadership and ideology, pulled people into the independence struggle. Gandhi’s ideologies wouldn’t have worked if people were not involved.

Nayar believes, transformation is a factor of Leader, Idea and People. Organizations fail when people are not carried forward.

Employee First; Customers Second

Business is all about creating value for the customers. Creating value is not management’s role. It is an employee’s role. So, what is management’s role? The management encourages it’s employees to jump out of their skins with excitement and provide new solutions to the customers.

The Employee First; Customer Second (EFCS) initiative at HCL focuses on actively helping employees in making it easier for them to do their jobs and respecting them for the value they bring to the company. EFCS holds that when employees are passionate about their work, their enthusiasm is reflected in their customer centricity.

When asked does EFCS really work? To this Nayar claimed that HCL is the only IT company which has not seen any negative growth in a quarter!

Transformation by Sampark Foundation

According to an all-India Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) survey of school kids in the rural areas found that only 58% of children enrolled in class 3 to 5 could read a class one text. More than half were unable to do simple two-digit subtractions and only half the children in class 5 to 8 knew how to use a calendar.

Vineet Nayar’s inspirational idea of transforming learning through an interactive kit that uses various child-friendly teaching aids to make learning fun, easy and interactive for kids, would not be possible without having the active participation of teachers. Sampark foundation actively trained teachers using the Audio Box – which they call ‘Sampark Didi’ .

As a result, classroom became exciting and teachers started receiving respect and love from the students. Something that they had not experienced before!


It was only when teachers were actively involved, did the transformation took place!

Transcendence 17


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