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Wheel of Life – A Holistic Development Approach

Life is multifaceted. Development is sustainable only when it is holistic in nature.

But wait! What do we mean by the term Holistic Development’? It means that we want to develop the whole person, including, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Holistic development recognizes that we co-create and evolve in all the aspects of our life.

Recently I happen to visit a spiritual expo, where I came across a tool called “Wheel of Life” that enables one to make an overall assessment of satisfaction in the significant areas of one’s life. This tool allows to take a visual snapshot of life as it exists in the present moment and makes us realize the areas which require further development.


The Wheel of Life includes all major areas of life: career, money, health, friends & family, romance, personal growth, fun & recreation and physical environment. The exercise is to assign a rating from one to five for each of these areas. A score of one indicates low ratings is the one that needs your priority at present.

The recent modification in my Goal Book involved me setting us goals in line with the  eight pillar of the “Wheel of Life” model. As an outcome, not only did I feel that I am focusing equally on all the critical aspects in my life, but also felt that I am developing the otherwise less-cared-for areas of life. 



In order to choose the direction in our life, we need to know where we are standing at this moment of time. Wheel of Life tool gives us a whole picture of all the essential parameters for holistic development.

Our Fairy Tail


The rosy courtship stage broke its bubble,

We got married, and lo, started the adjustment trouble!

The tussle, the hustle and bustle and that melodrama, 

Glimpsing back, I see a vivid panorama! 


What I also see is, how we got back together in no time,

How you made my little heart go, ‘Young Lady, Rise and Shine!’

How I started enjoying the small stuff that brought you delight,

How easily you let go of things that gave me fright!


Your love and care for everyone is so true,

Kindness in your heart, a beautiful human being I have found in you!

I’m lucky that I have you as my mate;

It’s our anniversary; time to celebrate!


When I was young, my fondest wish was a dreamy fairy-tail,

Where they meet, and eternal love would prevail!

Although this imagery will only bring you laughter,

Our fairy-tail too shall end with “And they lived…Happily Ever After!”

When The Heart Cries!


Bed of solitude underlies,

Mirror searches a virtue in the vice,

Repressed, suppressed, failed unties,

Once again the heart cries!


Not the first time, these good byes,

Life falls back yet again after the rise,

Fortune plays the same old dice,

Once again the heart cries!


Away it flies,

To the dark aloof skies,

A little more it dies,

Once again the heart cries!

The Moment When We Are Complete




As years pass by, we try to grow,

We give a small piece of ourselves to those we know.


Yet a distinct lump is retained inside,

Unrevealed, Pure and Mystified.. it remains best kept in the silent hide.


We keep that unique piece saved for the day,

When a special someone with charms can take it away.


When we are robbed of that masked morsel in our new meet,

Is the moment when we are complete!


The Economic Outlook @ Thane HR

Economic conditions directly impact HR as they provide a background to determine the recruitment, development & retention policy for the organization to meet it’s customer needs. Thane HR professionals got an excellent opportunity to receive an overview of the country’s changing demography & it’s impact on the third largest economy.  On 18th March, 2016, Thane HR Group invited Mr. Prashant Jain, Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer, HDFC Asset Management Co Ltd (Popularly known as HDFC Mutual Fund) to share his take on the current Indian economic outlook.

Indian GDP Outlook:

Real GDP growth rate for India was around 7.5% in 2015 and Nominal growth rate was around 12%-13%. A nominal GDP will often appear higher than the real GDP, as real values are adjusted for inflation, while nominal values are not.


Referring to the image above, you will notice that Indian economy is growing at a static rate i.e. from 15% (1991-2000) to 14% (2001-10) to 15% (2011-15).

Why is Indian Economy Growing?

Rising Population

Every year, India’s population is increasing by 2% leading to a steady increase in the rate of consumption.

Nuclear Families

Large number of joint families are breaking down to form nuclear families. About 1% increase in consumption rate is experienced annually due to this reason.

Penetration Levels of Consumer Durables

Mobile phones which are just 15 years old in the country, have penetrated the 80% – 90% of Indian market. On the contrary, motorcycles & cars have been able to cover 40% &  8% respectively. This shows the growth potential that Indian markets still possess.

Consumer Choices

Due to more consumer product offerings, new items are frequently bought.

Outlook into Indian Equities:


Volatility in the Short Run

Markets give volatile returns in the first few years. However, as the holding period increases, the volatility come down to providing returns which fall mostly between 11% – 19%. This is because Indian GDP growth is around 15% every year.

Correlation Between Sensex & Equity

If profits grow by 20%, the value of company also increases by the same percentage. The value of the company is in correlation to the profits of the company. At the same time, we understand that Indian GDP growth & the growth in Sensex go hand-in-hand. This is because Sensex has the tendency to correct itself to be higher or lower based on the GDP growth.


Insights by Mr. Sharad Gangal, Executive Vice President HR , Admin, IR, Thermax


With one million new entrants joining the labour force every month for the next 20 years, Skill India has gained a corner stone importance. While, India’s biggest contribution comes from Service Sector, there is a need to leverage the Manufacturing industry that has the capability to provide employment to the increasing population. HR needs to be awakened and aligned to deal with the emerging Employee Relations in the country. He emphasized the below mentioned pointers:-

  • Awareness on ER is missing. it is rare to find a skilled ER/IR manager as compared to an OD or Comp&Ben expert. 

  • Apart from Dunlop’s Systems Theory, we do not have a strong theoretical model in the IR field. There is a need to encourage research and more thinking in this field.

  • Contract Laborers are our responsibility. Organizations need to take proactive steps to further regulate the conditions of Contract workforce. One has to be judicious for the disparity between the different working units in the organization.

  • Today, workers lookout for income security as compared to job security. This is a critical reason for the employees not to join unions. Once direct communication between workers & management flourishes, unmerited union demands are tapered off automatically.


While a lot of tittle-tattle occurs on where to invest and when to invest, Mr. Prashant Jain suggested to enter in the mutual fund market especially when the bull does not seem that strong. Eventually, the head-strong bull will equate itself to the growing GDP. Moreover, if you are confused between the different funds, bet on anyone that has given consistent returns more than the market rate, over a long period of time!


About Thane HR Group

Thane HR Group was founded in the year 1996 with an objective of getting the HR Professionals staying or working in Thane District on a common HR platform. Over a period of 18 years, Thane HR Group had many HR experience sharing meeting. Thane HR has successfully arranged for more than 150 such programs, absolutely free of cost!

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Mountains Have Shifted


They said that love would come to me someday,

They said that mountains would shift their way.

Although these few days have taken me by surprise,

Soul tells me that life from now will only arise.


Ties are made in heaven, higher above,

With you as my present, I am showered with the biggest blessing of love.

Mr. Talented & Intelligent, I can even be lam’er’ with you,

With you by my side, life is too good to be true.


It isn’t about finding the perfect person, but accepting the imperfections perfectly,

Yet, I can only say that you are too perfect for me.

Fragile and scared, I have put all my trust in you,

Always be with me, even when I irritate you.


Trusting the higher power, I knew I will meet someone someday,

Who shall love my parents more and be their hope’s new ray.

This 14th Feb, life will anew,

Someone will reside eternally in my hearts venue!  

The Amazing Amazon with Raj Raghavan @ Thane HR

A company that wants to be the most ‘earth centric’, needs an HR to work ‘Customer Backwards’ than ‘Skills Forward’. HR policies need to be framed by keeping customers in mind. Mr. Raj Raghavan, HR Head at Amazon India, shared more such ‘amazing’ stories on the best practices followed by the e-commerce giant – Amazon India – during the February event of Thane HR Group, a group dedicated to bring together the HR talent pool to a common platform.

raj raghavan
Mr. Raj Raghavan, HR Head, Amazon India at Thane HR Group – February 2015

Below mentioned are the best practices at Amazon India:

  1. A Narrative Company

Amazon is a narrative company. Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, forbids PowerPoint presentations. Instead, the employees are encouraged to put together a 6 page narrative memo, instead of focusing on the Arial vs. Times Roman font in the presentation.

The typical Amazon meeting begins with the participants reading the 6 page memo completely for the first 20 minutes. Mr. Raghavan believes that facts can be hidden in a PowerPoint presentation, but when one has to write down the ideas in complete sentences, deeper clarity is required.

  1. KISS Principle

The Amazon is amazing because it believes in keeping things stupidly simple!  Amazon’s policy aims to de-clutter HR and remove the inept complexities. “Test what is really needed”, believes Mr. Raghavan. Therefore, he is not a fan of the HR surveys. Not only they are time taking, but they are also ‘Anti – Managerial’.

Instead of surveys, Amazon follows an on-going online Questionnaire consisting simple pop-up questions like ‘Did you feel respected at work today?’ or ‘Are you happy working today?’ Such continuous pop-up data provide a more relevant analytics as compared to the one-time surveys.

  1. The Pizza Team

Large teams leads to large structures. Such large structures are often responsible for status-quo in a company. Amazon believes in having minimal teams to get things done.

  1. Inventing on behalf of Customers

It is in the Amazon’s DNA to start with the customers and work backwards. Jeff Bezos is famous for leaving a chair empty at the conference table and letting the attendees know it’s occupied by the most important person in the room – the customer.

Such a customer – centric business needs its employees to listen to the customer value and seek feedback. They need to invent on behalf of their customers. HR, therefore, play an important role to build a culture where mistakes are allowed and employees are encouraged to invent with liberty.

  1. Amazon’s Learning from India

Amazon’s global leadership development program – Pathways – requires a prior work-ex of 8 years. Mr. Raghavan explained that since Indians believe in finishing the MBA at an early stage of their life, they usually do not possess 7 to 8 years of work experience required for Pathways. However, Mr. Raghavan did not want to disadvantage the country’s talent pool. Therefore, they created BOLD – Building Operations Leadership program – to develop participant’s functional and leadership skills through on-the-job learning.

This BOLD program has been highly acknowledged and it may soon go global.

  1. Can I Solve the Problem?

One doesn’t need to wait for performance indicators to measure efficiency, it is simply a matter of self-introspection. Mr. Raghvan explained that the only way to know if one is efficient enough is by asking oneself –‘Can I solve the problem?’ If I cannot solve the problem, then I cannot do the job well! Self – introspection is the key!

Amazon India's Best HR Practises by Mr. Mr. Raj Raghavan, HR Head @ THRG
Amazon India’s Best HR Practises by Mr. Mr. Raj Raghavan, HR Head @ THRG

 raj raghavan 2


Mr. Raj Raghvan was asked his opinions on the e-giant competitors in the market. To this, he replied, “We, at Amazon, focus only on Customers. If our Customers are loyal to us, then we do not need to fear from the competition.” We learn that, being customer centric and reinventing the policies with customers in mind is the way to do business in today’s VUCA world.  

About Thane HR Group

Thane HR Group was founded in the year 1996 with an objective of getting the HR Professionals staying or working in Thane District on a common HR platform. Over a period of 18 years, Thane HR Group had many HR experience sharing meeting. Thane HR has successfully arranged for more than 150 such programs, absolutely free of cost!

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LNML Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies is an independent department under Maharashtra Labour Ministry. It is one of its kinds in the field of labour studies. It has a glorious past of 67 years and has emerged as a stronger body which has contributed to the economy and industry in many ways.

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