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Her Period

Her Period


Our Fairy Tail


The rosy courtship stage broke its bubble,

We got married, and lo, started the adjustment trouble!

The tussle, the hustle and bustle and that melodrama,

Glimpsing back, I see a vivid panorama!

What I also see is, how we got back together in no time,

How you made my little heart go, ‘Young Lady, Rise and Shine!’

How I started enjoying the small stuff that brought you delight,

How easily you let go of things that gave me fright!

Your love and care for everyone is so true,

Kindness in your heart, a beautiful human being I have found in you!

I’m lucky that I have you as my mate;

It’s our anniversary; time to celebrate!

When I was young, my fondest wish was a dreamy fairy-tail,

Where they meet, and eternal love would prevail!

Although this imagery will only bring you laughter,

Our fairy-tail too shall end with “And they lived…Happily Ever After!”

When The Heart Cries!


Bed of solitude underlies,

Mirror searches a virtue in the vice,

Repressed, suppressed, failed unties,

Once again the heart cries!


Not the first time, these good byes,

Life falls back yet again after the rise,

Fortune plays the same old dice,

Once again the heart cries!


Away it flies,

To the dark aloof skies,

A little more it dies,

Once again the heart cries!

The Moment When We Are Complete




As years pass by, we try to grow,

We give a small piece of ourselves to those we know.


Yet a distinct lump is retained inside,

Unrevealed, Pure and Mystified.. it remains best kept in the silent hide.


We keep that unique piece saved for the day,

When a special someone with charms can take it away.


When we are robbed of that masked morsel in our new meet,

Is the moment when we are complete!


The Learning Curve


Every morning has a learning in store for me these days,

Life is enriching me in its VUCA ways.

Learning to value myself, and the small gifts I have,

Expressing gratitude to those who are standing there!


Realizing those who failed me, and those who shined,

Learning to let it go, to be kind.

Learning to speak up, and express the suppressed.

Nurturing dreams and strive for the zest!


On being engaged, welcoming a new wonderful life,

From a pampered daughter, learning soon to be a loving wife.

Trying to know him more in this courtship stage,

And slowly falling in love with him in an arranged marriage.


Life is sliding beautifully to a fresh pool of maturity,

Abounded with unconditional love, lifelong commitment and divine purity.

This maturity teaches me that I cannot take the wrongs and make them right,

But as I wake up each morning, I can choose to see the light!


Mountains Have Shifted


They said that love would come to me someday,

They said that mountains would shift their way.

Although these few days have taken me by surprise,

Soul tells me that life from now will only arise.


Ties are made in heaven, higher above,

With you as my present, I am showered with the biggest blessing of love.

Mr. Talented & Intelligent, I can even be lam’er’ with you,

With you by my side, life is too good to be true.


It isn’t about finding the perfect person, but accepting the imperfections perfectly,

Yet, I can only say that you are too perfect for me.

Fragile and scared, I have put all my trust in you,

Always be with me, even when I irritate you.


Trusting the higher power, I knew I will meet someone someday,

Who shall love my parents more and be their hope’s new ray.

This 14th Feb, life will anew,

Someone will reside eternally in my hearts venue!  

Till The End !

Broken heart misses a few pieces,

The past haunts, its existence never ceases.

A silent knock settles upon the aching heart,

Will you help me make a fresh start?


If I bare my wounds to you,

Will you heal them, rejuvenate too?

Will my depth learn to laugh again?

Will you bear me crack lame jokes and go insane?


Will you leave and walk away?

Or will you stay to find a way?

And if I open my heart to you once again,

Will you be there for me till the end?