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Wheel of Life – A Holistic Development Approach

Life is multifaceted. Development is sustainable only when it is holistic in nature.

But wait! What do we mean by the term Holistic Development’? It means that we want to develop the whole person, including, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Holistic development recognizes that we co-create and evolve in all the aspects of our life.

Recently I happen to visit a spiritual expo, where I came across a tool called “Wheel of Life” that enables one to make an overall assessment of satisfaction in the significant areas of one’s life. This tool allows to take a visual snapshot of life as it exists in the present moment and makes us realize the areas which require further development.


The Wheel of Life includes all major areas of life: career, money, health, friends & family, romance, personal growth, fun & recreation and physical environment. The exercise is to assign a rating from one to five for each of these areas. A score of one indicates low ratings is the one that needs your priority at present.

The recent modification in my Goal Book involved me setting us goals in line with the  eight pillar of the “Wheel of Life” model. As an outcome, not only did I feel that I am focusing equally on all the critical aspects in my life, but also felt that I am developing the otherwise less-cared-for areas of life. 



In order to choose the direction in our life, we need to know where we are standing at this moment of time. Wheel of Life tool gives us a whole picture of all the essential parameters for holistic development.


Our Fairy Tail


The rosy courtship stage broke its bubble,

We got married, and lo, started the adjustment trouble!

The tussle, the hustle and bustle and that melodrama,

Glimpsing back, I see a vivid panorama!

What I also see is, how we got back together in no time,

How you made my little heart go, ‘Young Lady, Rise and Shine!’

How I started enjoying the small stuff that brought you delight,

How easily you let go of things that gave me fright!

Your love and care for everyone is so true,

Kindness in your heart, a beautiful human being I have found in you!

I’m lucky that I have you as my mate;

It’s our anniversary; time to celebrate!

When I was young, my fondest wish was a dreamy fairy-tail,

Where they meet, and eternal love would prevail!

Although this imagery will only bring you laughter,

Our fairy-tail too shall end with “And they lived…Happily Ever After!”

When The Heart Cries!


Bed of solitude underlies,

Mirror searches a virtue in the vice,

Repressed, suppressed, failed unties,

Once again the heart cries!


Not the first time, these good byes,

Life falls back yet again after the rise,

Fortune plays the same old dice,

Once again the heart cries!


Away it flies,

To the dark aloof skies,

A little more it dies,

Once again the heart cries!

The Moment When We Are Complete




As years pass by, we try to grow,

We give a small piece of ourselves to those we know.


Yet a distinct lump is retained inside,

Unrevealed, Pure and Mystified.. it remains best kept in the silent hide.


We keep that unique piece saved for the day,

When a special someone with charms can take it away.


When we are robbed of that masked morsel in our new meet,

Is the moment when we are complete!


The Learning Curve


Every morning has a learning in store for me these days,

Life is enriching me in its VUCA ways.

Learning to value myself, and the small gifts I have,

Expressing gratitude to those who are standing there!


Realizing those who failed me, and those who shined,

Learning to let it go, to be kind.

Learning to speak up, and express the suppressed.

Nurturing dreams and strive for the zest!


On being engaged, welcoming a new wonderful life,

From a pampered daughter, learning soon to be a loving wife.

Trying to know him more in this courtship stage,

And slowly falling in love with him in an arranged marriage.


Life is sliding beautifully to a fresh pool of maturity,

Abounded with unconditional love, lifelong commitment and divine purity.

This maturity teaches me that I cannot take the wrongs and make them right,

But as I wake up each morning, I can choose to see the light!


The Upturn


Beliefs in life. All broke.

Reminiscence. A grieving soak.

Is life a lesson to learn or a plot to be proven wrong?

How to trust again? Where do my ideologies belong?


Where does one go from here?

In front of me, stationed a mirror, reflecting the rear.

Am I waiting for someone to take me into a safe land?

Is it right, this wait? Or should I push myself till the end?


No waiting for external help now.

With self-love, a wish to raise higher above.

Life is a gambit of shelter and sunburn,

Keeping oneself happy, in the now, is the only upturn!



Thane HR Soirée with Dr. Santrupt Misra, Carbon Black Business CEO & Group HR Director Aditya Birla

Dr. Santrupt Misra
Dr. Santrupt Misra (Carbon Black Business CEO & Group HR Director Aditya Birla Group) on Leadership and Life at Thane HR


अयं निजः परोवेति गणना लघुचेतसां

उदार चरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम ॥


A firm believer in the power of literature, Dr. Santrupt Misra, Carbon Black Business CEO & Group HR Director Aditya Birla Group, recited the above Sanskrit Shloka to inculcate an understanding that the whole world is one family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam). The event was organized by Thane HR, a group dedicated to bring together the HR talent pool to a common platform. Dr. Misra believes that we all live together on the foundations of mutual love and trust, and therefore, he unfolded his ladder to success, as he revealed the various crossroads of his life.


Buddha once said that, “What we believe is what we become”.  The blog is an account of the core beliefs that have shaped Dr. Misra, a small town boy without much access (as he called himself) into a triumphant leader. 


  • Distinction between 'Something' and 'Someone'

In a role model, focus should be on the behavior that we wish to emulate, and not on the person as a whole. If we try to replicate someone blindly, we won’t reach anywhere. Dr. Misra holds that we should aim to become ‘something’ in life and not ‘someone’.


  • Going Beyond the Call of Duty

Once, Dr. Misra’s Math teacher travelled all the way at 4.30 am in the morning just to send his best wishes before the Math exam. This made Dr. Misra learn, early in his life, the importance of nurturing a human bond and going beyond the basic requirements of the job. He advised the audience to strive to be that person who goes above and beyond what’s necessarily expected and we will see more of life’s rewards making way into our life.


  • Courage to Challenge what one feels is not right

HR does not assume a mere bystander’s role in maintaining the ethical tone of the workplace. Dr. Misra believes it is important to lead by example in the organization and to create a culture of mutual respect and dignity. Therefore, it is the HR’s moral obligation to challenge a particular decision of the management which may harm the employee’s interest.


  • Success is in Touching People's Life!

Thomas Gray

(Meaning: No matter how much you have acquired and how so ever you show it off, it is soon going to go away)

Dr. Misra narrated the above stanza in Thomas Gray’s elegy, emphasizing his perception about success. “Life is not about how much you have achieved”, he says, “Success lies in how many lives you have touched.” Success is a relative term. While it is important to have our goals high, it is also necessary to check ourselves, as to how much we have outreached and made a positive difference in the other’s lives. 


  • Power of Coincidence

Deepak Chopra says that, “Coincidences are not accidents but signals from the universe which can guide us toward our true destiny.” It is the people, places, and events of our lives are showing us what we need to know or where we are ready to go. Many a times,       unexpected things happen. It is vital for us to embrace life and go with the flow of life. 


We, students of MILS, had only heard about the popularity index of Dr. Santrupt Misra. But, after his soul-stirring speech, it was natural to become a part of his fan list. Once again a stupendous event arranged by Thane HR Group.   We appreciate and are grateful to the efforts of the group for making it possible for students to join the platform.




About Thane HR Group:

Thane HR Group was founded in the year 1996 with an objective of getting the HR Professionals staying or working in Thane District on a common HR platform. Over a period of 18 years, Thane HR Group had many HR experience sharing meeting mainly hosted by companies. Thane HR has successfully arranged for more than 150 such programs, absolutely free of cost!  


You can connect to Thane HR Group through the following website –

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About LNML Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies:

LNML Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies is an independent department under Maharashtra Labour Ministry. It is one of its kinds in the field of labour studies. It has a glorious past of 64 years and has emerged as a stronger body which has contributed to the economy and industry in many ways.


You can connect to LNML Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies through the following website –

Website – http://www.mils.co.in/

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