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My One Stop Shop


Our Fairy Tail


The rosy courtship stage broke its bubble,

We got married, and lo, started the adjustment trouble!

The tussle, the hustle and bustle and that melodrama,

Glimpsing back, I see a vivid panorama!

What I also see is, how we got back together in no time,

How you made my little heart go, ‘Young Lady, Rise and Shine!’

How I started enjoying the small stuff that brought you delight,

How easily you let go of things that gave me fright!

Your love and care for everyone is so true,

Kindness in your heart, a beautiful human being I have found in you!

I’m lucky that I have you as my mate;

It’s our anniversary; time to celebrate!

When I was young, my fondest wish was a dreamy fairy-tail,

Where they meet, and eternal love would prevail!

Although this imagery will only bring you laughter,

Our fairy-tail too shall end with “And they lived…Happily Ever After!”

Till The End !

Broken heart misses a few pieces,

The past haunts, its existence never ceases.

A silent knock settles upon the aching heart,

Will you help me make a fresh start?


If I bare my wounds to you,

Will you heal them, rejuvenate too?

Will my depth learn to laugh again?

Will you bear me crack lame jokes and go insane?


Will you leave and walk away?

Or will you stay to find a way?

And if I open my heart to you once again,

Will you be there for me till the end?

More Than A Spark in the Relationship


Eyes shed tears every time they look within, Yet the shattered heart refuses to cry the hidden malign. The promise of forever is a plain white lie, Forever means Convenience all changes when the “spark” bids goodbye.

A spark in the relationship is what is called love, Left alone, abandoned is the heart, when love fails to serve. A fool I was to take love as more than “a spark in the relationship”. A fool to think Love is an eternal bond, an unsaid promise to keep.

Standing right besides you in all your battles, I promised never to leave your hand, You left me when my life was low, this wound will never mend. Do I deserve someone like you, asks my deepsunk heart. And there is a big laughter, I am glad that we fell apart.

My love survived, yours did not because you never loved me, I rather be alone than be with someone for whom loving me “doesn’t come naturally” Grateful to life for untying the knots, the threads of which were never strong, True love survives and stays together, even when things go wrong!

This Happens Only In Love!

While meeting them, do you dress your best?
Their SMS puts your heart at rest?

Don’t you ‘LIKE’ all their post?
Check their entire FB page like an uninvited ghost?

Not understanding a word, you laugh at their jokes so lame?
Its not about the jokes, its their beautiful smile- simple and plain!

Want to wish them first on their BDay and being late leaves you in a hot air?
Haven’t you secretly checked what the zodiac says about ur pair?

You now talk and walk like they do?
Use the words they use? Reject things they refuse?

While thinking about them, you answered ‘Yes’ to questions asked above?
So what are you waiting for? This happens only in Love!

They fill up ur dreams? The Tall? The Fair?
Ask you heart, won’t you two, make a wonderful pair?

They, too, want you as their love, in their life!

You both want each other as the lawfully wedded husband and lawfully wedded wife!


Dedicated to Hearts! 

Because there is always a young heart, that dreams of its partner who would understand the way we look at things; who would see things-not as they are or should be- but how would we like them to be; with whom life becomes misty – like the starry twinkling night – just like those beautiful dreams!