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The Moment When We Are Complete




As years pass by, we try to grow,

We give a small piece of ourselves to those we know.


Yet a distinct lump is retained inside,

Unrevealed, Pure and Mystified.. it remains best kept in the silent hide.


We keep that unique piece saved for the day,

When a special someone with charms can take it away.


When we are robbed of that masked morsel in our new meet,

Is the moment when we are complete!



Two Lessons


Static. I stare.
Finite horizon. Memories the waves wear.
Setting Sun. End closer.
Parting eases with a closure.


Final words by the Sun.
A small sorry. Resent undone.
Waves flow smoother. Relationship real.
Don’t run away. Apology is ideal.


Two lessons learned.
Things could have turned.
If only you were concerned.
If only you were concerned.

I Wonder about the Wonderful World!


I wonder about the wonderful world,
Is it still there or has it dulled?


I wonder what am I supposed to feel?
Am I to be happy and move on, or be angry, just a lill?


Yet, when I look deep down,
There is just another frown.


A frown telling me , ‘Not Again!’
A frown asking me, ‘Have I not had enough of such pain?’


And I wonder if my guilt is now set free?
Will it? Can it ever be?


I wonder what made you do, what you did,
Did we both deserve such an extreme deed?


I wonder about the wonderful world,
Is it still there or has it dulled?

It’s All Okay!

“Contribute to the conversation”,
Wandering silence to deserts of isolation,
Maintaining the listening illusion,
Reality an inexplicable hallucination!


Outside looking in,
Smiles, good clothes, enthusiasm of a sin,
A closer look within,
Devoid, vacuum, nothingness from a lin!


Morning, once again, wakes up in despair,
Grief hidden under gloss, mascara, and the flawless hair,
Fake mask unable to hide the repressed mirror’s stare,
Over the scattered pieces, “Its all Okay” I wear!


Trying to laugh it off, efforts a pity,
Being strong, enacting is the sole key,
Smile and say “Its all Okay”, trying to be carefree,
Reality reflected in my poems, only time when I am The Real Me!


The Inner Turmoil






Such a delightful place this world seemed, with you by my side,

I could escape all hitches, behind you I could hide.

There is nowhere to go now, where to ride?

Now, in whom do I confide?


Walking in the middle of the road, so carefree,

Knowing that you would be there to take care of me.

Nobody now to say, “I love you, don’t worry!”

Remembrances of togetherness, where do I bury?


This day would come, we both knew,

Why then, is it hard-hitting to take the separate rue?

You are such a charm; there will be so many in the cue,

In another man, will I always find you?


Deeply feeling that you deserve someone much better than me,

Someone who can fill you with grace, and less weary.

In my heart, I will always know that no one can replace you,

Tell me love, will this be true for you too?


You treated me like a child, and loved me like woman too,

Tears roll out, when the memories of your laughter renew.

We will gather strength and become strong, 

Dude! Don’t I appear over-senti in this break up song?



Half – A – Heart to Share!

sad angel

Half – A – Heart to Share!

A vast ocean of difference has taken its curve,
An ocean which can be spanned only by bridge of Love,
From your side, I find the Love nowhere,
I rather be alone, then be given Half – a – Heart to share!!


You – I don’t blame!
This is ‘you’ – the same you will ever remain,
My heart aches; it’s tired of hiding its despair,
I rather be alone, then be given Half – a – Heart to share!!


I have sunk in deep waters before saying ‘Lets end! ’
The wounds are sharp; Even your caress cannot amend!
It’s hard on heart; but I realize you just don’t care,
I rather be alone, then be given Half – a – Heart to share!!


My feelings have stopped sensing for you,
It’s over now; Pink has turned to Blue,
Your initials from my name I have to tear,
I rather be alone, then be given Half – a – Heart to share!!


You are a wonderful person; I accept without much ado,
The blissful joy you gave me I just cannot overthrow,
Fault not yours or mine; we just don’t go together as a pair,
I rather be alone, then be given Half – a – Heart to share!!


I cannot say I don’t love you anymore,
Your indifference forces my soul to roar,
In different directions moves our ‘air’,
I rather be alone, then be given Half – a – Heart to share!!

This Happens Only In Love!

While meeting them, do you dress your best?
Their SMS puts your heart at rest?

Don’t you ‘LIKE’ all their post?
Check their entire FB page like an uninvited ghost?

Not understanding a word, you laugh at their jokes so lame?
Its not about the jokes, its their beautiful smile- simple and plain!

Want to wish them first on their BDay and being late leaves you in a hot air?
Haven’t you secretly checked what the zodiac says about ur pair?

You now talk and walk like they do?
Use the words they use? Reject things they refuse?

While thinking about them, you answered ‘Yes’ to questions asked above?
So what are you waiting for? This happens only in Love!

They fill up ur dreams? The Tall? The Fair?
Ask you heart, won’t you two, make a wonderful pair?

They, too, want you as their love, in their life!

You both want each other as the lawfully wedded husband and lawfully wedded wife!


Dedicated to Hearts! 

Because there is always a young heart, that dreams of its partner who would understand the way we look at things; who would see things-not as they are or should be- but how would we like them to be; with whom life becomes misty – like the starry twinkling night – just like those beautiful dreams!