The Me Sketch

For there is always a young heart that sparkles to look at things not as they are or should be, but instead, how it wants them to be…
For there is always a young heart who dreams of its Soul Mate with whom life becomes misty ~ starry twinkling night ~ just like that dream!

Describing myself has always been a task!

I wonder if I should describe myself exclusively than I do in person. Should I cherry-pick the cheesy clichés or use the “unforgettable” overblown superlatives or practise “breathless” adjectives? Can I simply write things about myself which I would never have the guts to use in person?

Some words are great when other people use them to describe you. I’ll leave it upon the readers of this blog to use the adjectives they feel are appropriate.

All right then, once again we come back to Who am I?

“I’m not a Writer.” “I’m not a Poet.”

I choose not to describe myself as a Noun. Coz, if that is done, one tends to close oneself off to other events, other potentials, and other possibilities.

This may sound unreal, but I indeed believe that Life is enormous with new lessons hidden in each passing day. I believe in having a long list of verbs and always being open to more. This blog is just another product of the magnificent To-Do lists of my life.

I am a person who feels that Life is the most beautiful journey where we get only one chance. It is our responsibility to make sure we Live!


8 thoughts on “The Me Sketch

  1. Heet, Yuo are surprised that company ou went to interview for searched for your FB. Think about the mreading your blogs. They do this kind of thingsin US. Thats why FB is fading in US and only young kids use it. Remember everything you post online stays in cloud forever, even if you delete from there as every social media company have farms of computers which takes backup of back up of backup. Thats what I would like to tell all of you girls that refrain from posting very personal things and also behavioral things online.

  2. It was a nice experience to meet you– Heet, at HR Thane gathering on 5th Sept .You have provided the speech of Mr. S. Mishra in a very simple and artistic way.Congratulations ,Keep it up……

    Arun Srivastava (CEO)
    I-base Services(A Mirah Group Venture)

  3. Hello0O
    Describing myself has always been a task! Simply Superb!
    at wordpress.
    हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ for 2017

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