It was in the course of my project on ‘Physical Disability – A Psychological Perspective’ that I asked questions that would never have otherwise asked; thought about something far off from reality; realized something beautiful – much more meaningful.

In a culture that emphasizes on physical beauty and perfection, they are physically flawed. In the world where things happen – should happen – in a ‘NORMAL’ way, they are physically ‘DIFFERENT’. Some of them will never know the joy of illuminated Diwali nights, while others will never get goosebumps on hearing the loud crackers burst, and a few will just sit in the corner wait for luck to provide them with one opportunity to experience this unexplained joy of bursting crackers.

They know the disappointments of hopes and dreams crushed. They experience the frustration of limited employment opportunities. They know rejection. They know the humiliation of watching someone mock their posture. They are exposed, unable to pretend, forced to fell guilty for their disability. They know REJECTION!

They are more tolerant. Individual’s IQ or social standing no longer matters to them because they learn to see the human alive in a being. Nor are they meticulous. Their lives are imperfect; they do not seek perfection in others. Since they lack rigidity, they are creative. Because they are subjected to others attitudes, they learn to adapt. They are patient!

If you live long enough or suffer a physical tragedy, you become like them. They cope in a variety of ways. However, if you pay close attention they might teach you that suffering is not as bad as you assume. Through their physical flaw, you will see honesty because they accept who they are. It is not about fear, but looking forward for that bright rainbow behind those dark clouds of physical constraints. Life becomes sacred, much more meaningful than it would be for you and me! They teach you to stop asking WHY.


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